Project Description


The Tx Junior Pro Transmitter is a portable battery-powered device that triggers the Freelap Stopwatch and FxChip. A single Tx Junior Pro can be used to time laps, or a single Tx Junior Pro can be used in combination with the Tx Touch Pro, or a pair of Tx Junior Pro transmitters can be used to time short sprints.

The Tx Junior Pro can emit 3 magnetic modes:
– START : reset the time (start a time block)
– LAP : record a lap (intermediate)
– FINISH : record a lap and send the time block by radio

20140206_142611This is what we received from Freelap as Transmitter for sport tracking .
and they asked to make a cover design for it , to be water resistant AND heavy wind resistant too.
the first thing we have in mind is to use the pyramid shape as it’s most powerful shape against the wind .







we started to modify the shape lot of times to reach the final design










after we reached the final step in our design was to make aerodynamic tests to ensure that the product will stand in heavy wind .
Screenshot_20 Screenshot_17







Screenshot_18 Screenshot_19







and finally the product is alive 🙂
Tx-Junior-Pro-Manuel3 Tx-Junior-Pro-Manuel Tx-Junior-Pro-Manuel1 Tx-Junior-Pro-Manuel2